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                歡迎訪問東莞市高鼎檢測設備配件有限公司 免費服務 熱線:400-8755521
                About Us
                Contact Us

                Add: No.9, Jinghai East Road, Shatou,Chang’an Town, Dongguan, Guangdong.
                Tel:+86-0769-85385589 85381189
                SKYPE number:jennyliu6666
                About Us ? Company profile
                Dongguan Gooding Checking Fixture & Equipment Part Co., Ltd. is one of China’s biggest professional auto checking fixture Manufacturer. We specialize in design, development, manufacturing, sales as well as customer service of auto checking fixture parts. As one of China’s leading checking fixture supplier, we have successfully passed the ISO9001 quality system certification on October 2010.

                Our major business scope includes: precision tooling balls, detecting pins, marking pins, locating-pins, spring locator pins, double-end pins, Go/No-go gages, round bushing, D-bushings, checking bush with flange shoulders, shim plate, EDC bushing, buckles, tilting bracket, angle brackets, and bracket risers, etc.

                We are one of the rare companies who provide completely anti-rust technique to all products, and our product quality has reached to the industry's most advanced level, some even better than similar products in Europe and Japan. Presently, we have become the preferred checking fixture supplier of domestic automotive manufacturers due to the high precision of our products, timely delivery, competitive cost advantages, rapidly sale and after-sale service.

                Main Features of pour products:
                1. completely anti-rust:
                All of the pins are produced with imported material SKD11, Chrome plated; All bushings with flange shoulders, shim plate, and EDC bushings as well as handles are nickel-plated; All tilting brackets, angle brackets, and bracket risers are finished with plating chrome or blackening.
                2. High precision:
                All products are made with high precision; Pins and bushes mated perfectly and easy to interchange with each other.
                3. High abrasion resistance:
                All parts with mated use are produced by SKD11 material with a hardness of over 58 degree, surface finished with Chrome, Nickel, or Titanium; All parts used as datum are hardened to over 50 degree, and then plated.
                4. Delicate appearance:
                Unique techniques are adopted during production to achieve best quality as well as perfect appearance.

                We welcome any sample test of our checking fixture from all customers. Based on the principle of “surviving with high quality, developing with credibility”, we will try our best to satisfy all customers with high quality products, shortly delivery, competitive price, and best after-sale service. 

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