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                歡迎訪問東莞市高鼎檢測設備配件有限公司 免費服務 熱線:400-8755521
                Contact Us

                Add: No.9, Jinghai East Road, Shatou,Chang’an Town, Dongguan, Guangdong.
                Tel:+86-0769-85385589 85381189
                SKYPE number:jennyliu6666
                Products ? Gauge Handle
                 go no go gauge handles
                Product Description:

                Pin Gauge Handle

                Made from aluminum
                7 Size Collets are spring adjusting and self-centering design.
                Collets color coded red for NO/GOand green for GOgaging
                Includes gray hexagon center.
                Delivey Terms :
                DHL;TNT; UPS ;FEDEX ect.

                As you required or carton.

                According to your quantity.

                Company Culture:
                Dongguan Gooding Testing Equipment Parts Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise engaged in the design, development, production and sales of auto fixtures..Our company ranked among the first group in the industry that have successfully passed ISO9000 quality managementsystem certification in Oct., 2010.Our main products include:various test pins, marking-out pin, positioning pin, spring pin, dual-purpose test and marking-out pin, go-no-go gauge, molded surface pin, round pin bush, anti-revolving pin bush, T-shaped reference bush, various reference block (S surface), EDC, buckle, dumping gear, blocking base, L-shaped base, equal-height base and other fixtures.

                Any item interest to you please kindly send inquiry to me!

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